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What you get with TS Premium & TS Trades

  1. TS Premium: TraderSmarts Numbers & Contract Notes for ES YM 6E CL GC. Every day you receive the TraderSmarts Numbers & Contract Notes for all five instruments — Eminis (ES/YM), Euro (6E), Gold (GC) and Oil (CL). The Contract Notes give you three specific areas to consider executing high odds trades each day: the "Range", "Highest Odds", and "Extreme" as well as high probability trade targets. On certain days you will get a "Line in the Sand" TS # for bulls, bears, or both, depending on the context of the market. This is our flagship product and we think you will be impressed.

  1. TS Trades: Real-Time Live Trade Alerts / Private Twitter Feed. The main focus of the Live Trade Alerts is intraday trading during the 5 - 8 AM PST (8 - 11 AM EST) time slot. This time period covers the European close and the U.S. open and generally features some of the best volatility of the entire Globex session. We focus on Equity (YM/ES), Euro (6E), Oil (CL), and Gold (GC) during this time. We like to keep our risk tight and let our winners run. There will be risk free runners that carry into the next session of trading.

Here’s what people are saying about TraderSmarts Premium Services:

  1. "I don't know how you do it, but your numbers are amazing! They are so accurate it's scary sometimes... You've really helped me create a turning point in my trading experience."


  1. "I've used a couple of other services in the past and TraderSmarts is definitely the best. I was drawn to TraderSmarts due to the range of futures instruments he trades... His levels are uncannily accurate, many times to the tick.... In fact, just today I had my largest one day gain ever."


  1. "I have learned to respect Tony's knowledge and understanding of the market by reading his blog for over a year.... he personally challenged me to become a better trader.... Tony has been an amazing mentor, and educator for me."


  1. "Having watched intently at all the known professional traders on Stocktwits/Twitter, nobody matches the quality of trades, market knowledge, trade management and ability to successfully trade (day in and day out) so many different futures markets simultaneously.... His focus, time commitment and dedication to the markets is unparalleled."



First scale filled CL out 1/4 + 23 at 83.84. Went risk free balance CL

A quick glance at some charts with the TraderSmarts Numbers and Contract Note Zones:




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If you are not happy in any way with TS Premium or TS Trades request a full refund at any time within the first 7 days.

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